The links on this page are intended as a useful resource and reference for those seeking more information on other organisations or communities supported by, but external to the Australian Coastal Restoration Network. Any queries relating to the content of the websites linked should be directed to the specific website host, not ACRN.

Ecosystem networks

Seagrass Restoration Network

Shellfish Reef Restoration Network

Australian Mangrove and Saltmarsh Network

Reef Resilience Network


Other associations and Networks

Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia

Australian Coastal Society

Australian Marine Science Association

Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand


Research institutions

James Cook University TropWATER

University of Sydney Marine Science Institute

National Environmental Science Program Tropical Water Quality Hub

University of Tasmania Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies

Australian Institute of Marine Science


other organisations

The Nature Conservancy Australia

Reef Ecologic

OceanWatch Australia

Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program